Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD

Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD
Berikut ini adalah contoh soal PTS mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dan Keterampilan bagi adik-adik yang duduk di kelas 6 sekolah dasar (SD) Semester 2 (genap) terbaru. Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester ini adalah pengganti Ulangan Tengah Semester yang sudah tidak digunakan lagi pada Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018.

Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester Bahasa Inggris 

Penilaian Tengah Semester ini di ambil dari kurikulum revisi 2013 sebagai pembelajaran bagi adik-adik yang akan menghadapi ulangan pada semester 2 pada antara bulan Maret dan April dan ingin mahir bahasa Inggris. Berikut adalah contoh soal PTS/UAS Mapel Bahasa Inggris pilihan yang harus kalian jawab dengan benar.

The text is for number 1 - 5

This is my school. It has many rooms. There is a library near a classroom. And it also has a big yard with flag ceremony pole in the middle. It has some toilet and we keep it clean. My school also has a canteen, and It clean too.  There is a teacher in front of the classroom, the head master is in the office, and many students in the garden. Some of them stay at mosque or canteen. I’m happy studying here. I have many smart and good friends, and also the best teacher.

1. What is the text about?

A. rooms
B. a teacher
C. a building
D. a school

2. Where Is the headmaster? He is in

A. the classroom
B. the office
C. the library
D. the toilet

3. There is a ... near the classroom.
A. canteen
B. flag ceremony
C. mosque
D. library

4. Where is the flag ceremony pole?

A. in front of the school
B. in the middle of the yard
C. in the field
D. in the classroom

5. What does the writer feel about his school?

A. glad
B. upset
C. sad
D. proud
6. Boy : Why are you so hurry?
Clara : I ... go to the dentist.

A. is going to
B. am going to
C. are going to
D. will

7. move-new-I-house-am-to-going-a-to
The arrangement of sentence above is

A. I am going move to a new house.
B. I am going to move a new house.
C. I am going to move to a new house.
D. I am new going to move to a house.

8. Andi :........?
Susan : No, He isn’t. He is steeping.
Which one is the correct question?

A. Is Robert sleeping.
B. Is Robert studying now
C. Is Robert studying or sleeping
D. Does Susan sleep

9. The students ... playing kite in the field.
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. do

10. Rina and Hadi are students, ...?
A. Aren’t They
B. Isn’t He
C. Are They
D. Isn’t They

The dialog is for number 11 - 13

  • Shopkeeper : Hi young lady. May I help you?
  • Sophie : Well ... yeah. I’m looking for a Mother’s Day’s Gift.
  • Shopkeeper : Okay. How about getting your mother a new handbag or a new scarf?
  • Sophie : Yeah ... My mother wilt like  either a handbag or a scarf. Hmm....... how much is that handbag?
  • Shopkeeper : Ok. Which one do you want?  Sophie The red one, please! How much is it?
  • Shopkeeper : It’s only Rp 150.0O0,  Sophie : Huh? That’s too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper one?
  • Shopkeeper : Okay. How much money do you have?
  • Sophie : I’m not sure. Maybe about  twenty five thousands rupiahs or  so. This is all I have.
  • Shopkeeper : Hmm ... How about this scarf?
  • Sophie : That’s really pretty, but the  price tag says Rp 50.000,- and I know I don’t have that much money.
  • Shopkeeper : Well, let’s just say the scarf just went on sale. How about  Rp 20.000,-. What do you say?
  • Sophie : Oh, thank you very much. I’ll take it.

11. What is Sophie shopping for? She’s shopping for

A. Her brother
B. Her mother
C. Her father
D. Her friend

12. How much is the handbag?

A. It’s expensive
B. It’s one hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs
C. It’s cheap
D. ft’s twenty five rupiahs

13. What does Sophie decide to buy finally?  She buys

A. a wallet
B. atie
C. a scarf
D. a handbag

14. Ikhsan came late to the school.
He knocked at the door and talk to the teacher in front of the class.

Ikhsan : “Excuse me, Sir. I’m sorry. I’m late.”
Teacher : “It doesn’t matter, ...!
Ikhsan : “Thank you, Sir.”

The right sentence to fill in the blank is

A. Please, get out
B. Dothework
C. Come in, please
D. Close the door

15. Mita likes to eat fried rice, but She doesn’t like  to eat burger.
Raina : “What kind of food do you like, Mita?
Mita : “........”

A. I like burger but I dislike fried rice.
B. I like fried rice and burger.
C. I dislike fried rice and burger.
D. I like fried rice but I dislike burger.

16. Do you like orange juice?

A. Yes, I don’t
B. Yes, I do
C. Yes, I can
D. No, I can’t

17. Rara is a nice girl. She ... dancing very much.

A. like
B. likes
C. liked
D. liking

18. We can’t go to the concert ... the rain.

A. because
B. because of
C. but
0. with

19. Mother : The floor is very dirty. ..., please!

A. Close the book
B. Silent
C. Open the window
D. Clean the floor

20. Norman : “We have music class this afternoon, Roni!”
Roni : Yes, don’t forget to bring our,...

A. ball
B. racket
C: guitar
D. goggles

II. Fill in the blanks!  Rearrange into the correct order!

21. Mr. - now - Is- English - teaching - Gallh.
22. In - don’t - the - please! - exam - cheat.
23. Come - don’t - forget - to - early.

Complete the sentences!

24. Please, ... the air conditioner. It’s very cold here.
25. ... the window, please. It’s very windy today.
26. Nadia : “Hi, Jenny! You look happy today. What happened?
Jenny : “I won English Speech Contest yesterday.
Nadia : “................”
Jenny : “Thank you.

The correct expression to complete the dialogue is...............

27. My mother is a nurse. She works in the...............
28. Don’t forget to bring play badminton.
29. I have to study now.........I am getting an exam tomorrow.
30. Teacher: Do you go swimming on Sunday? You : Yes, I............

III. Answer the questions based on the text!

Gadang House

Gadang House is a traditional house of the Minang Kabau people. Usually Gadang House has three small buildings in front of it. People call them ‘Rangkiang’. The name of each building are Sitinjau laut, Sibayan-Bayan, and Sitangka lapa. Each building has different function but the main function is to save the rice.
People also use Gadang House to conduct a family meeting. They also use it to conduct a wedding party or any ceremonial party. The construction of Gadang House is unique. They don’t need nails and foundation. They just simply build the building on several stones. Most of the materials are wood. So, the first enemy of Gadang House Is only fire.

31. What is Gadang House?

32. What are the names of each building of ‘Rangkiang’?

33. What is the main function of ‘Rangkiang’?

34. Do the Minang Kabau people use Gadang House  to conduct any ceremonial party?

35. Why the construction of Gadang House is unique?

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