Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2

Berikut adalah Soal Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) Mapel Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 (genap), yang dapat kalian pelajari sebagai persiapan untuk menghadapi ulangan tahun pelajaran 2017/2018. Sumber soal yang diambil dari kurikulum revisi 2013. Jika kalian ingin naik ketingkat kelas 6 ada baiknya belajar lebih giat agar bisa menjawab semua pertanyaan khususnya mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris.

Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 

Prediksi Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris ini dapat kalian download dan dipelajari dengan seksama. Kunci jawaban akan diikut sertakan sebagai bahan perbandingan. Berikut adalah 20 soal pilihan Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas yang harus kalian jawab dengan benar dan tepat. 

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D

1. He wearing a........
A. short
B. skirt
C. tshir
D. trouser

2. My sister likes to play........
A. slide
B. swing
C. kite
D. hide and seek

3. The day before Thursday is........
A. Wednesday
B. Tuesday
C. Monday
D. Friday

4. My brother’s daughter Is my........
A. niece
B. nephew
C. cousin
D. sibling

5. Bogor has special tourism transportation. It’s called........
A. Uncal
B. Rusa
C. Trans Pakuan
D. Tourist Bus

6. Bird and fish are the example of ... animals.
A. wild
B. mamals
C. tame
D. farm

7. I usually have a ... in the morning before I go to school.
A. dinner
B. breakfast
C. lunch
D. brunch

8. 12.45 is read....
A. A quarter past twelve
B. A half to one
C. A half past twelve
D. A quarter to one

9. I write a letter.
In Bahasa Indonesia is........
A. Saya menulis sebuah surat.
B. Saya menulis sebuah buku.
C. Saya menutis sebuah koran.
D. Saya menulis sebuah pesan.

10. I have a new bag and a pair of........
A. tie
B. belt
C. shoes
D. hat

11. She is a beautiful girl, and he is a ... boy.
A. prety
B. handsome
C. ugly
D. grumpy

12. It made by wood or plastic. We made a line use it. It is a........
A. pencil
B. ruler
C. marker
D. eraser

13. Are they your brother and sister? No, ........
A. They are
B. Are they not
C. They not are
D. They are not

14. Transportation - car - land - is.
The correct arranged is........
A. Car land is transportation.
B. Transportation is land car.
C. Car is land transportation.
D. Transportation land car is.

15. May I ... your book, please?
A. borrow
B. asking
C. taking
D. giving

16. l am so ... , I need to eat.
A. thirsty
B. hungry
C. tired
D. bored

17. My sister ... the flowers in the garden.
A. gets
B. looks
C. takes
D. picks

18. I don’t like chilli. It taste........
A. spicy and hot
B. sweet and spicy
C. hot and salty
D. sour and salty

19. Ninth month in a years is........
A. October
B. August
C. September
D. July

20. Today is Friday. The day after tomorrow is........
A. Saturday
B. Thursday
C. Sunday
0. Wednesday

Dibawah ini 15 soal isian mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD yang harus di isi dengan jawaban yang benar !

II. Fill in the blanks! 

Text for number 1 - 3 

Risya is ten years old. She is a fifth grade student. She studies at nak Bangsa Elementary School. She always gets up at five o’clock in the morning. She takes a bath at quarter past five, then she has a breakfast with her family at quarter to six. She usually goes to school at half past six. Her lesson at school start at ten past seven and finished at twenty five past twelve. She arrived home at one o’clock. 

21. How old id is Risya? She is........
22. Where does she studies? She studies at........
23. What time she finished her lesson? She finished at........
24. Does Humaam likes playing basket ball? Yes, ........
25. The students wears ... to school.
26. The month after July is........
27. If I had a toothache, I go to........
28. Tiger and snake are example of ... animals........
29. Mr. Amir works in a court. He is a........
30. Lala 165 cm height, Lili 150 cm height. Lili is than Lala........
31. The opposite of sad is........
32. My sister work at the hospital helps doctors and take care of patients. She is a........
33. The teacher writes on the........
34. It’s hot in here, please ... the fan for me!
35. It’s traditional music instrument from West Java, it’s made from bamboo, we have to shake it to play it. It is........

Jawablah 5 pertanyaan-pertanyaan pelajaran bahasa Inggris dengan jawaban yang paling kalian anggap benar dan tepat !

III. Answer the questions! 

36. Mention three names of transportation without machine!

37. Draw the time!
A quarter to five
Two o’clock
A half past ten

38. Translate into English!
a. Dia ( laki-laki ) adalah seorang petugas pemadam kebakaran.
b. Ibu Ira adalah seorang petugas perpustakaan.
c. Kakekku ada[ah seorang petani.

39. Rearrange the words into good sentence!
a. Round - my - is - new - ball.
b. Is - the blackboard - rectangle - like.
c. Birthday hat - is - the shape - ? - what - of.

40. Complete the family tree based on the text below
Rita is Andi’s wife. Rita and Andi have three children. Their names are Adisti, Rangga and Aditla. Budi is Rita’s brother. Budi is Marie’s husband. Budi and Mane have a son and a daughter. Their name are ardi and lia. Joko and Connie are Rita and Budi’s parent.

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