Soal Ujian (UN) Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMA/SMK Terbaru

Soal Ujian (UN) Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMA/SMK Terbaru
Uraian contoh soal ujian  UN/USBN mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMA/SMK Kelas 12 terbaru tahun ajaran 2017/2018. Soal Tes Uji Coba Ujian Nasional USBN/UN ini sebagai acuan para siswa untuk menghadapi persiapan ujian sekolah maupun ujian berstandar nasional.

Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMA/SMK

Bahan ajar soal ujian bahasa Inggris ini bersumber dari dokumen soal-soal tes uji coba (tuc) atau pun try out dan soal ulangan pada setiap semester.

26. Pedestrian 1 : Excuse me, can you show me where the museum is?
Pedestrian 2 : ...........It is beside the south gate of Botanical garden
Pedestrian 1 : Thank you
a. Good luck
b. Take this way and then turn right, not too far from here
c. It is far from here
d. Thank you very much

27. Vina : What do you always do in the afternoon? Maya : I take a rest after coming home from  my office. Sometimes I . . . and play some games on it.
a. design a computer program
b. operate the computer
c. turn off my computer
d. fix my computer

28. Receptionist : Haji Àbas Restaurant, good morning. Is there anything I can do
for you?
Caller : Well, actually I’d like to.........a table for two for next week
Receptionist : May I know who I’ m talking to?
Caller : Bambang, my name is Bambang Rahmadi.

a. booking
b. reserve
c. reservation
d. buy

29. Mr. Gray : Do you believe in the effectiveness of Tsunami Early Warning System?
Mrs. long: . . . It has been implemented successfully in many other countries.
a. I don’t agree with that
b. Of course, I do
c. I don’t think so
d. Are you sure about that?

30. Ali : let’s go to the basketball court.
Lina : Why? What for?
Ali : Don’t you remember? Our classmates...........against another class team.
a. play
b. playing
c. will play
d. are playing


In questions 31 - 40, each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined words are marked A,B,C, and D. You have to identify the underlined word or phrase that should be corrected.

31. Student : Madam, what faculty should I take in the university?
Counselor : You’d better choose the one that you’re more interesting in.
                                   B                                                              C
Student : I like information Technology, but the passing grade is very high.
32. Aryo There are two big black Japanese motorcycles in the parking area.
Which one is yours?
     B                   C
Steve : Mine is the one whose has an AC
MILLAN FC sticker on the tank. It’s easy to identify.

33. Raisha : Should you like to have something to eat?
                        A                            B
Rika : That’s very kind of you. Thank you.
              C                D

34. Alifia Would you mind to explain how to take out the flash disk?
Ima : Well, this is Windows 7, so click my computer icon, click explore, click the removable disk and click eject. Now, it’s safe to take it out.
Alifia : Thanks. let me try taking it out myself.

35. Guest : Excuse me. Can I meet Mr. Gibson?
Receptionist : There are two Mr. Gibsons here! The young one or the old one?
Guest : He is about 30 years tall and wears glasses.
                                              B                           C
Receptionist : I see. His office is the third room on the left.
Guest : Thank you.

36. Anto Do you know the car over there?
Andi : Which one?
Anto : The one that is parked near the road
Andi : Why?
Anto : That’s Ferrari. All the cars whose are made by Ferrari has a horse logo on its side.
                                                         C                                                                       D

37. Aldi : What’s up with you, Chika? You look awful.
Chika : I don’t know what to do. There are many victims of Dengue fever.
                                              A                                    B
Aldi :  If I was you, I would clean my environment to avoid it.
                   C                                                                           D

38. Rahfalia : I have already put the letter here. What’s next?
Devin : Do you see the “start” button on the machine?
If you press it, you would see the next Instruction.
Rahfalia : Oh, yes. Thank you.

39. Dewi : I like being a teacher better than a businesswoman.
Anna : On the contary, I prefer being a businesswoman than a teacher.
                       B                                                                  C
Dewi : So, we have different preference.

40. Tiara : I am confused. I was rejected to work in the company where we applied for.
                                                       A                                                   B
Linda : I am very sorry to hear that. On the contrary, I am sad because I am accepted.
                                                                 C                          D
Tiara : Congratulations!


Questions 41 - 50 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to each question.

Questions 41 - 42 refers to the following letter:

DR. Peter Gibson
Sandoz Chemicals, Inc

Dear Sir, 

We have received your registration for our annual conference. Information about hotels and transfortation are found in the enclosed conference brochure.
If you need further assisstance in arranging your trip, please call our conference coordinator in Hongkong at (852)037211121.
We look forward to seeing you at the conference.



Conference Registration

41. What is the purpose of this letter?
a. To invite speakers to the conference.
b. To acknowledge conference registration
c. To get money for the conference.
d. To make travel arrangement

42. What is enclosed with the letter?
a. A registration form.
b. A brochure about the conference.
c. Tickets for the conference.
d. An invitation to the conference

Questions 43-44 refers to the following table:
43. This table shows........
a. the number of man-hours involved in a project
b. the stages in developing a project
c. how long it takes to make money
d. the changes in the seasons

44. It can be inferred that.........
a. the cost is too high
b. the marketing plan is more important than testing
c. the project is approved in February
d. testing slows down production

Questions 45 - 46 refers to the following recount text:

Helen Keller was born in Alabama, on June 27, 1880. Though she was born as a normal child, at the age of 18 months she contracted an illness that left her blind and deaf.
When Keller was 6, Anne Sullivan, a teacher doing pioneer work with dearand blind people, came to serve as her teacher. One month after her arrival, Sullivan opened a new world for her young students, who hod until then been undiciplined and angry, trapped in her dark, silent existence. 
By the time Keller was 16, she enrolled in Radcliff College and graduated in 1904. She lectured throughout the world and lobbied in the lobbied in the United States congress to improve the welfare of the hondicapped. She authored such books as out of the dark: the story of my life and the word I live in.
Sullivan served as Keller’s friend and guide until her death in 1936. By the time Keller died on June 1, 1968, her achievements exemplified what the human spirit could accomplish.

45. When did the first time Helen Keller meet Anne Sullivan?
a. In 1880
b. In 1886
c. In 1882
d. 1n1896

46. Who had great influence on Keller’s strong character?
a. Alabama
b. Anne Sullivan
c. Radcliff
d. Her mother

Questions 47 - 48 refers to the following instruction: 

Book order Form

Print the title of the book you want. Use a separate form for additional titles. Print your name and address below.

Book title:

47. What is this form for?
a. A library card
b. School registration
c. Ordering books
d. Ordering a telephone

48. A separate form must be used........
a. for additional books
b. by children
c. if mailed
d. on weekends

Questions 49 - 50 refers to the following advertisement: 

At Sunway lagoon Resort, there are so many fabulous things to do, you’ll be glad your partner is by your side. After all, whom will you grab as you scream your way down a roller coaster at the Sunday lagoon theme park. And with over 40 eateries at the Oasis Boulevard, and 6 hotel restaurants, someone has to help decide on the menu. Even if one of you has business at the Pyramid Convention Centre, the other may explore 300 specialty stores at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall next door.
However you spend your day, you can both look forward to unwinding in world-class comfort, complemented by the warmth and hospitality for which we are reowned.
Give your partner a treat. Call us at (6-03) 74792 8000 or travel agent for reservations.

49. What can’t be found at the resort?
a. Restaurant
b. A park
c. A shopping Malt
d. A theatre

50. How can we book the resort?
a. Treat your partner well.
b. Disconnect 7492 8000
c. Call the travel agent
d. Complement the hospitality of the resort

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